The Electoral Process, Developing?

Are all Nigerians sure of who they’ll be voting for come February 14? Are Nigerians voting just to keep (or kick out) the incumbent? As I was chatting with an old friend of mine this morning, I asked her if she has got her PVC to vote, her answer wasn’t in the affirmative. I then went ahead to ask her, if she was to have her PVC, who would she have voted for? She said none. Apparently, that’s because she feels there’s no difference between the 2 major contenders.

As I try to have my own kind of ‘polls’, I noticed that the election won’t be a landslide victory for any party – they really have to work hard to earn the votes this time around. It is going to be a keenly contested 2015 presidential election.

I am happy about this. Why? It’s going to be a deviation from the norm of landslide victories for either the incumbent or the opposition. Now everyone has to sit up tight. It’s no more going to be a jolly ride for any party. We’re truly evolving.

The advantage. Subsequent elections will definitely get better and more credible, and perhaps more issue-based. Both the electorate and the elected will have their cards on the table to play the game. We will keep trying until we mature fully.

On this note, as I am wont to saying, let the better candidate win.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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